Place in the middle of a lake landscape

Your holiday apartment in Sils-Maria

Sils is composed by the districts of Sils Maria and Sils Baselgia and is situated between Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana, with mountains towering on the other two sides - a truly special place in the Alps.

Abitaziun Polaschin D7 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 580/Week
Abitaziun Rabgiusa 1 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 970/Week
Abitaziun Cravunera 30 - Sils Maria
From CHF 700/Week
Abitaziun Selvas - Sils-Maria
From CHF 1’040/Week
Abitaziun Carla 12 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 700/Week
Abitaziun Polaschin A8 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 970/Week
Abitaziun Murtel 4 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 1’040/Week
Abitaziun Furtschellas 8  - Sils Maria
From CHF 1’040/Week
Abitaziun Carla 7 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 660/Week
Abitaziun Polaschin E12 - Sils-Maria
From CHF 970/Week

Friedrich Nietzsche spent a few summers in the centre of Sils Maria and worked on some of his works. The house he lived in during that time is now a museum where there are numerous exhibits on Nietzsche's life and work as well as a changing exhibition. The medieval church of San Lurench is another historical sight in the village.

Unforgettable nature experiences around Sils

You can take a nice walk around the Chastè peninsula in summer and winter and to wonder at the Silsersee lake and the impressive mountain scenery. Sils is also the start of the quiet, almost car-free Fex Valley, which is perfect for extensive hikes in a natural landscape.

Sils is simply a uniquely beautiful destination. Choose a holiday flat and set off soon.