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Your holiday apartment in Pontresina

Pontresina is a traditional glacier and mountaineering village in the Upper Engadine. There are numerous attractive old buildings on site.

Abitaziun Stauffacherin 3 - Pontresina
From CHF 175/Night
Abitaziun Crasta 1 - Pontresina
From CHF 230/Night
Abitaziun Nidino - Pontresina
From CHF 75/Night
Abitaziun Murinella - Pontresina
From CHF 149/Night
Abitaziun Sur Staziun 10 - Pontresina
From CHF 222/Night
Abitaziun Stauffacherin 2 - Pontresina
From CHF 175/Night
Abitaziun Charrers - Pontresina
From CHF 120/Night
Abitaziun Chavriöl - Pontresina
From CHF 100/Night
Abitaziun Stailina 1 - Pontresina
From CHF 155/Night

Take a closer look at the houses. Then you will discover ornaments. The special thing about them: They are scratched directly into the plaster. This scratching art is called sgraffito.

Exciting activities in the valley and on the mountains

In addition to skiing, the surrounding area offers plenty of space for hiking, cycling tours, climbing and mountaineering - depending on the season, of course. At the Pontresina mountaineering school you can take part in courses, among other things.

From Pontresina you can catch a glimpse of the imposing Morteratsch glacier after a 50-minute walk through a breathtaking landscape.

The receding glacier created the valley in front of it. The Roseg side valley is also suitable for extensive cycling and hiking tours. There is also a glacier panorama to wonder at along the way.

The idyllic place is also known for its restaurants and fine dining.

Are you looking for a holiday home or a house in Pontresina? With us you are sure to find the right one.