Off to the holidays

Your holiday apartment in Surlej

This part of Silvaplana lies between Lake Champfèr and Lake Silvaplana. From here you can take the cable car directly to the Corvatsch ski area. You can also enjoy water sports on the lakes in the area.

Abitaziun Cresta - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 3’220/Week
Abitaziun Luorza - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 1’040/Week
Abitaziun Zupeda C3 - Surlej
From CHF 300/Night
Abitaziun Cembro Grande - Surlej
From CHF 1’000/Week
Abitaziun Crest Alta B15
From CHF 150/Night
Abitaziun Luorza 4 - ZWG  - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 175/Night
Abitaziun Randolina - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 970/Week
Abitaziun God Mez B1 - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 630/Week
Abitaziun Guardaval 13 - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 630/Week
Abitaziun Rosatsch 13 - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 550/Week
Abitaziun Val Verda 7 - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 175/Night
Abitaziun Guardaval 15 - Silvaplana/Surlej
From CHF 1’340/Week

Near Surlej, in beautiful natural surroundings, there is a waterfall that is well worth seeing. Its history is quite interesting: Surlej was almost destroyed by floods in 1793 and 1868. In 1873, a dam was finally built above Surlej. The Ova da Surlej was then diverted into Lake Silvaplana. The waterfall was created and the floods were now a thing of the past.

Sightseeing and enjoying the countryside

From the quiet, tranquil Surlej you can easily get to the neighbouring villages, e.g. St. Moritz, Pontresina, Maloja and Samedan, by public transport. If you don't feel like driving, then take a walk through the nature around Surlej and enjoy the landscape as well as the view of the heavenly mountain scenery.

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