In the heart of the Upper Engadine

Your holiday apartment in Samedan

Samedan is the main town in the Upper Engadine. Unique sgraffiti decorate the facades of the buildings. The pink Hotel Bernina 1865 and the patrician house Chesa Planta (16th century) are true feasts for the eyes in the village - not only for visitors interested in architecture.

Abitaziun Quadratscha 18 - Samedan
From CHF 580/Week
Abitaziun Quadratscha 22 - Samedan
From CHF 580/Week
Abitaziun Truoch - Samedan
From CHF 860/Week
Abitaziun La Dmura - Samedan
From CHF 580/Week
Abitaziun Quadratscha 20 - Samedan
From CHF 580/Week
Abitaziun Quadratscha 14 - Samedan
From CHF 580/Week
Abitaziun Sur Vih - Samedan
From CHF 1’040/Week
Abitaziun La Dmura 12 - Samedan
From CHF 970/Week

Take a look at the church of San Peter, which is located on a hill. This is a perfect place to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The village also has wellness facilities such as the Mineral Bath & Spa, where you can relax in baths spread over five floors. This resort is located directly in the historic village centre.

Enjoy the mountain view properly

From the Muottas Muragl vantage point you can let your eyes wander over the valley and the lakes - a special place. If you are more drawn to the sky, then why not visit the Academia Engiadina observatory and discover the stars.

If you like to swing a golf club in the midst of a unique mountain panorama, you can do so extensively on the 18-hole course in Samedan.

Samedan is also home to Europe's highest airport.

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