Sunniest resort


The village is located next to St. Moritz and does not need to hide from it. Celerina is the village in the Engadine with the most hours of sunshine. The historic centre with its pretty old buildings and the many sundials is also worth a walk.

The church of San Gian, built in the 15th century, is the town's landmark. However, it is no longer entire, because a lightning strike in 1682 destroyed the roof of one of the two towers. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting the church, which is still in use.

Active in and around Celerina

Whether mountain biking, hiking or walking along barefoot trails, in the mountainous surroundings you can pursue your favourite activities even in the warm season. In winter, you have the option of exploring the area on marked routes with cross-country skis, for example, or skiing down the slopes.

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